May 26, 2019

When hiring


You can put enough people in place, give them the tools for the job and the vision and direction so they know where they’re heading. You can organise and orchestrate and agree a reasonable plan and a deliverable schedule. You can clear away obstacles, protect the time and provide whatever resources are necessary to make progress, stay on track and keep going. You can do all that, alone or collectively, but you’re still dependent on a key ingredient.

Energy – the fourth resource that makes sense and takes advantage of the time, talent and cash available.

Without energy, the time slips by, the people mosey along, the cash dribbles away.

Problem is, aside from kick in the arsen motivation techniques – short term winners and long term losers – you’re dependent on your team to bring their own energy into the room.

Skippy strategy: Where to find intrinsically motivated people: when hiring.