November 4, 2019

Fit together


Every organisation right-sizes its processes for its core client. 

Anyone wanting to work with consumers has to make its operations fit a person by person customer base. In the high end market that means processes based on supreme service – you get what you like. At the low end, it means one size fits all and a laser focus on operational efficiencies – you like what you get.

If your customer is an oil tanker, be prepared to wait around whilst it makes decisions and puts plans into action. If they’re a government, tune to politics. If they’re fast moving, build your systems to get a grip and invest and innovation and flexibility.

And the reverse – small scrappy startups won’t do well with government procurement. Bureaucratic goliaths will lose touch with faster clock-speed clients.

Which means … change your process or change your client.

Skippy strategy: Fit together, or something has to change.