April 11, 2019

Get on with getting on


The problem needs to be on the table.

The first step is getting it there. That takes people on your team having the ability to see it (which takes at least some degree of radar tuning) and having the confidence to say something about it (which means having a culture that encourages candour, and never never never shoots the messenger). Even then, you need to tune-in to hesitation and around vested interests to create the space for open discussion.

Then you have to dig in for understanding. No knee jerks, not blindly chasing rabbits. With your team, put it in perspective and work out what to do next – including nothing.

Finally, the bit that matters: deal with the problem you’ve described in the way that you’ve agreed. Keep an eye for unintended questions, and get on with getting on with it.

Skippy strategy: On the table, review, deal with it.