April 10, 2019

A surprise


By the time you’ve made the decision to move someone on from your team it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone involved.

Failure to live up to expectations, missing too many deadlines, lack of delivery, inability to step up – and all the other ways someone has found themselves on the wrong list – should have been the subject of direct and specific feedback and a genuine attempt to coach better performance. Expectations should have been made clear and the effectiveness of any efforts toward improvement should have been discussed and reviewed in detail.

Now, on decision day, all that is behind you. Or it should be.

Too many times, dissatisfied managers share their opinions (they moan) with everyone except the one person who most needs to know and can make things right.

If they are surprised, you’re the one who’s underperformed … in management.

Skippy strategy: Set up the meeting.