April 9, 2019

Notes you share


Direct and specific conversations are the first rule of performance management. Good and bad.

Good and great performance deserves to be acknowledged. Let them know that you appreciate their effort, what it is you appreciate, and how it impacts the rest of the team and the success of the project. It’s not just that they worked hard or well, it’s that their effort had impact. And they deserve to know.

Bad and poor performance demands to be discussed. For the person involved so they can do something about it. More importantly, for everyone else on the team, so there’s a decent chance that they won’t have to carry someone who continually lets them down.

But memories can be leaky. Essential to the feedback … the part you can both look back on and assess next time … the notes you share.

Skippy strategy: Important feedback, of either stripe, needs a collective (written) memory.