December 12, 2016

Happy faces


Some people moan a lot.

It’s tempting to think you can make them happy.

That there’s some trick, management technique, gum-ball machine, raise, expensive chair, laid-back roll-me-over we’ll-work-around-you soft centre that makes everyone happy and gets them focused and motivated. That somehow translates into a positive disposition and keen attention to the task at hand. That magics away the downsides and produces smiles in their place.

It just ain’t so.

Everything you do does make a difference. You can make happy faces. But not for long.

External inducements have a half-life as long as it takes them to feel normal.

So either you keep inventing new ones (how many raises can you give?) or you find happiness elsewhere.

There are happy people, hire them.

Some people are happy when they do good work, hire them.

Skippy strategy: Enduring happiness starts inside.