November 29, 2019

Hills and valleys


Every story is full of nuance. It’s important, it’s probably the whole story, and it’s just not interesting most of the time. When you’re talking to your team, an investor, a partner, the fella down the street … they may care about the nuance … but probably not, and definitely not at the beginning.

You have to hook them with the bigger picture – the hills and valleys of the place. After, when they’re looking about the place, then you can tell them about the stream that runs by the rock behind the knoll. After, when they’re truly interested, you can go into detail about how the water is gradually carving a channel that one day will move the rock and probably reroute the stream into a deeper cutting.

Skippy strategy: Start with what they need to know so they’re ready when you tell them about what you want them to know.