February 5, 2022

Human factors


There is the plan. Let’s assume the plan deals not only with the fantasy of Tab A fitting beautifully into Slot B – let’s call that the wish list – but also with a way of accommodating and dealing with the reality it likely to meet along the way; like competing priorities, risks and distractions, unexpected obstacles and contrary manoeuvres by those both inside and outside the programme – let’s call that the practical list.

Now comes implementation, with all the day to day challenges of breaking new ground any time you bring something new into the world.

Then there are the human factors; like good or less good leadership, optimal or sub optimal management, intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, locally or centralised decision making, autonomy, responsibility and accountability.

Get the human factors right, everything else comes along for the ride.

Skippy strategy: It’s involves the plan and the planning – but really, it’s the people.