March 16, 2020

Ideas fly


At the beginning of things, ideas fly around. They get chased and solidify, some of them get nailed down and becomes the new normal. Evolution happens. We find ourselves where we find ourselves and the organisation becomes defined by the things it does.

And all the while, along come more ideas. Some stick, some float away.

So far so obvious.

The problems start when the idea is from an influential source. By the weight of its creator, it immediately has substance, people start to act, it gets nailed down from the start. 

But maybe it’s a bad idea, maybe it’s the time or place, maybe it’s ripe for improvement like every other idea.

If it’s yours, if you are the one, slow things down. Encourage a healthy skepticism, avoid nails, be ready to wrap it up or sweep it away.

Skippy strategy: Don’t mistake source for idea quality or readiness.