April 1, 2024

Like a grown up


Managing a project is not gag-a-minute, sunshine-dappled and rose-sprinkled bed of fun-filled meetings.

It’s detailed, tedious, largely thankless, and it sticks someone’s head boldly over the parapet as they call-out deliverables and hold the flag on accountability.

If you’re in a project, and you care about the outcome, there’s two things you can do to help things along.

First: your bit – obviously. When you make commitments, take them seriously and fulfil on them. Not just the follow-the-line to-do list, but keep an eye on the purpose of the commitment and make sure you bring it home.

Second: act like a grown up – naturally. Focus on the process and point of all that accountability, not on the discomfort it can cause. Say your thank yous, every time. Give credit where it’s due and be the supportive player everyone wants on their team.

Skippy strategy: Focus on the outcome, help things along.