March 3, 2022

Looking in


The first step in any change is to accept that where you are now is not where you want to  be. Not on a superficial, “oh-yeah, we should change” level, but in your bones – the way things are now is causing problems that are undermining what we’re trying to do at best, and setting us up for failure at worst. The second step is to look in the mirror and accept that this situation is as much about you as anyone else, and that it’s in your power (yours and your team’s) to generate the urgency that will allow action and change.

Without urgency, what you have is complacency. With complacency, you’ll never find the energy to make any difficult choices (why bother?) – and change always takes difficult choices.

How do you remove complacency? Change your lenses and examine reality from the outside looking in.

Skippy strategy: A sense of urgency.