March 2, 2022

Out front

Sea view

Model 1 – standing on top of the prow, out front, commanding the ship by cajoling everyone to do what you say, how you say, when you say.

Model 2 – finding other leaders, building teams, working with, encouraging all the talents to work out how to use all the talents to win together.

The first is often faster to a certain point and then falters. It depends of energy and action and on one person being right almost all the time.

The second is ofter slower to a certain point and then faster. It depends on energy without ego and collaboration without compromise.

So you have to ask yourself, are you just in a hurry or do you want to travel further? Are you smart enough to realise you’re not smarter than everyone together? Are your people your tools or are you together a team?

Skippy strategy: Out front, or working with talent?