April 16, 2022

Most times


Not everything goes as well as we’d like, and sometimes we’re beaten about by external factors. Because we’re smart, we imagine we can work our way out of the issue (and most times we can). Because we’re brave, we believe we can deal with whatever hand we’ve been dealt (and most times we can). And because we’re used to doing the right thing, we take it on the chin and try to protect everyone downstream from any impacts (and most times we can).

The problems come when we can’t. Everyone (everyone!) will likely ask why you didn’t say, why you didn’t warn, why you kept it to yourself. And there’s no reasonable sounding answer.

If it’s your style, keep it under you hat … but only as long as is reasonable. After that, hats off and give them the heads-up.

Skippy strategy: Everyone deserves the chance to deal with the issues.