November 13, 2020

Move rocks


Things can go wrong. Everyone expects things to go wrong and – assuming you’ve developed even a smattering of trust – they’re generally extremely forgiving when they do. Which they will.

Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s the system or the suppliers or the weather or any of seventeen other real reasons that Tab A didn’t slot nicely into Slot B. Them’s the breaks and you probably had little or no control over them.

What happens next though … that’s on you.

You have two choices. The first, most common, point the finger of blame somewhere else and put your tin hat on. The second, the way you keep your friends and draw your critics closer – take responsibility. Which means, accept that things didn’t work out they way they should and then push rocks uphill to get them back on track.

Skippy strategy: When things go wrong, take responsibility and sort them out.