September 25, 2019

Notice the should


For anything that passes for creative work there’s no one way to do the job. Actually, there’s rarely fewer ways than there are people to take them. Actually, there’s rarely fewer than ten ways for each person. Or a hundred. So actually, who cares about the method as long as it sits within the value system you’ve agreed to (like it’s legal, or generous, or honest, or skippy) and takes us where we need to go?

What we should care about is progress towards agreed goals. Everything within that, autonomy. Everything that takes us there, agency.

Notice the should.

What often happens is top down. An imposition. That stifles creativity. That gets in the way with delays and approvals. And, No, not like that, like this.


Agree the goals, help them think, and get out of the way.

Skippy strategy: Help them think, don’t stop them think.