October 21, 2018

Other fish


Most times, in most places, most people just don’t care about how what you’re up to can help.

It’s not necessarily that they’re delighted with the way they do things now, or that they have vested interests, or political buy-in, or suffer from the sunk-cost fallacy. It’s not that they don’t like you or are in the pocket of the other guy. It’s not that they’re risk averse or change averse or stuck in the mud. It’s not even that they couldn’t see the merits if they bothered to take a look.

It’s that they’re happy enough. It’s that they’re focused on something else. It’s that they have other fish cooking on a hot spit just over there.

Frustrating, finding someone who could sooo benefit from what you’re proposing, and who only looks away.

Frustrating, not worth bothering.

Skippy strategy: Go find someone who’s actively looking for someone like you.