September 29, 2016

Out there


It’s easy to forget the focus.

With the day-to-day of breaking trail, keeping things together, setting camp, fire fighting, pushing up the mountains and hanging on the other side. With the team stuff – bringing people in, getting them up to speed, dealing with … erm … personalities, letting some go. The troubles with funding and procurement and regulation, the joy of taxes, the shareholder relations, the reports and disagreements and off-sites and logistics. The vision and strategy and modelling and brand, the meetings and sales and targets and reviews.

Every day, focus drags inward. Inside the company. Inside the building. Dealing with the challenges of the day.

And all that time, all that good time spent sorting things out, the world outside continues to turn.

The real job: making sure what happens in here, works for the customer out there.

Skippy strategy: Everything points at the customer.