July 22, 2017

Over here


One of the tricks of getting on is to be more demanding.

When you need something, ask for it. Whether it’s time with your boss, a new component, your team to go the extra mile, a raise. (Of course, there’s a whole thing about how you do the asking.)

The problem is … most of us would rather be invited. We sit over here, waiting/hoping/whining/shining, gagging for someone to notice that we need something, and that they’ll just walk over and give it to us. And that might happen. Absolutely. But it’s a high risk bet.

It’s not that people don’t want to help. It’s that they’re so wrapped up in what they’re up to that they have very little space to think about your needs too.

So work out what you need and who can help. Then ask.

Skippy strategy: Be more demanding. Ask.