May 13, 2019



All of us have the potential to get irritated. Beyond that, to find a way to take offence. Beyond that, to get up on our high horse and shout in the wind. All of us. Just not most of the time. Probably not today.

Which means that when we come across someone who is irritated, is taking offence, is up their jumping over fences with a crop in their hand … we not sure how to deal with it.

On our bad days, we take offence and join the bun fight.

On our best days, we see it for what it is, let it run its course, and get on with the next thing.

On all days, it’s worth looking in the mirror. No matter the (over)-reaction, did we play a part we could have played it differently? Next time, could we play it better?

Skippy strategy: Look in the mirror.