December 23, 2021

Pass Go


Assuming everyone is passably decent at their job and sufficiently motivated to get it done, and there’s buy-in on what needs to be done … what is the issue with the stuttering project? Where no one is happy and everyone moans, where all things take longer than expected and nothing arrives looking of smelling likes it’s fully baked.

Chances are, it’s the handoffs. Where every link in the chain expects something other than what they’re handed and they don’t even know it until they’re deep in the woods and working things out.

It starts with unclear expectations and gets doubled by lack of communications.

The answer: get everyone in a room, work backwards.

To do my job, I need c. Oh, to give you c, I need b. Hmm, for b, we’d have to make sure that a happens first.

Skippy strategy: Work together on working backwards, then pass Go.