Yep, it’s complicated. I understand, there are many moving parts. I get it, you’re on top of the details. Absolutely, I’m on board with how things are going. So … What’s the next step?

When someone is intimately involved or emotionally invested in what they’re doing, they can get, let’s say, obsessed with the details. And that’s a good thing. Problem is, they can also get lost or buried when explaining the what and the when and the why of the thing.

Your job is to hold them accountable, get as good a feeling as possible (with evidence?) that they know what they’re doing, and make sure they’re pushing the project forward towards a successful conclusion. As soon as you’re with what’s already happened, move the conversation to what happens next.

Skippy strategy: To move the conversation from what has happened to what has to happen … What’s the next step?