January 21, 2022

More action


It doesn’t matter what you talk about, it matters what you do.

All those fine intentions – to set up a training academy for new members of the team, to improve the way work flows between departments, to clarify the proposition and update the marketing materials, to bring everyone together once a quarter, to find and build a relationship with a new and more supportive supplier, to clear space in the diary to work with team on that new product, to re-bank, to do anything that discretionary and not just about getting out from under the weight of your overwhelming in-box – don’t mean anything if you don’t pull any of them off. They’re just words.

The game then is to balance the ration of words and actions. Yes, you have to talk, and plan, and share. And, YES, you have to do.

Skippy strategy: Swing the talk-do ratio towards more action.