January 22, 2022

Wait, what?


Inside your head, within your own control, things, thoughts, decisions, actions all move pretty fast. Some new data here, an overheard comment there, seeing something, feeling something and you’re off on the next evolution of thought. This means that, which enables things there, so we should do this thing and change that one. All in your head, all at a thousand miles an hour.

And your people say … wait, what?

And you’re thinking … about the next thing, and the next.

As soon as your organisation needs two people to have an all hands conversation, you have to put more effort into keeping everyone in the loop. More time, more explanation. It might feel like a burden – turgid at times –  but a slightly slower you saves everyone time over the project (because, y’a know, less thrashing) and a remarkably faster team.

Skippy strategy: Nine hundred miles an hour is still pretty fast.