January 23, 2022

Not enough to plan


Five minutes before the end of the offsite, everyone is aligned on the plan. Kinda. Five minutes after, as minds fill with journeys home and every damn thing in their inbox, the plan drifts. The next morning, that inbox, those meetings and all those issues later, the plan is a distant memory that needs more than a free moment to get back on track.

It’s not enough to plan. It’s not enough to talk about things and hope for the best. It’s not enough to assume everyone else is doing their bit so you can let yours slide.

Manufacture a way live the plan, to make it a part of every day, to use it to start and finish conversations, to be the thing that can’t be lost when it slips away from peripheral vision. Reflect and act on it every day.

Skippy strategy: Start and end with the plan.