June 5, 2018

Reality clay


Anytime you feel lost in a project, take an audit of where you are.

When the thing is going south, or around and around, or is sidestepping to who know’s where, stop, take your bearings, work out what is on track and what is falling over. Get clarity on every element, which are moving and which is stalled, who’s on the money and who’s letting things slide, the partners you can rely on and those that cause issues.

No emotion. No recrimination. No heroes. No villains. 

Just a simple-as-possible assessment of what in the SS Adventure is good.

Next step: next steps.

Work out, with feet standing firmly in wholesome and fertile reality-clay, what you need to do next. Where to push, where to change track, what contingencies to fire up, what to sacrifice. 

Build yourself a newer, clearer, realistic handrail.

Skippy strategy: Stand your feet in reality-clay.