October 27, 2018

Same as you


There are some difficult people in the world. And the nature of life is that one or more of them may be on the other side of the table when you’re trying to bring new things to the world. And they may ask difficult questions, undervalue what you offer, overvalue the status quo, and be sceptical about your ability to do what you say you’re going to do. 

It’s easy to fall into the idea that they’re actively working against you.

Maybe. But maybe they’re just doing what they think is the best thing for their own side of the table – same as you. They’re probably considering variables you can’t see and protecting dependencies you don’t understand.

In other words, they’re just doing their job.

What makes it difficult is the way they’re doing it.

The answer? Same as easy people … help them do their job better.

Skippy strategy: Help them see through the trees.