May 5, 2022

Set any bar


You’re asked to do something outside your standard operating model, maybe you’re intrigued by doing those kind of things, maybe it’s actually your idea to break out because this is the direction you want to take. Either way, it’s not what you’re known for and you probably won’t be as good at it as everyone (including you) is used to.

Of course, you can set the bar high and do everything possible to clear it, you can set any bar you like and do what you can to sabotage things so you won’t blame yourself if/when things go badly, or you can avoid the bar and step quietly into the shadows.

Or the bar can be a learning-how-to-do-this exercise, with everyone bought into the idea. Lower risk, lower expectations. The only thing with high ambition … a desire for knowledge.

Skippy strategy: Lower the stakes, raise the learning.