May 6, 2022

Grey areas


Some of us like a grey area, some wriggle room, a lack of clarity that allows us to do more of what we want and less of what we don’t. A way of avoiding responsibility or accountability, a gap between the stools, somewhere to lose the things we don’t like and pass the buck when it’s in danger of stopping on our desk.

Except we don’t really like the grey area – unless it applies to us. In every other person, in every other situation, in every other place we want clarity, certainty, care and accountability.

We know the value of sharply defined edges in the full beams of the centre spot, picked out in glorious technicolour. It forces attention. Nothing grey means no wriggle room means nothing falling between the stools.

When responsibility is clear, accountability is easy, and things get done. 

Skippy strategy: Shine a light and eliminate the grey areas.