May 7, 2022

Take, make and share


Around the water cooler, in the meeting room, ad hoc or planned, we have plenty, plenty, plenty of useful and interesting conversations that have the potential to make a difference. We nod sagely, we agree that something – may even this thing – needs to be done. And then we segue neatly into our next water cooler or meeting room conversation, our next round of email wrangling, the next thing on our to do list, and the moment has passed and the action is lost.

Be they one who takes a note, who shares the actions, who adds things to and checks them off their to do list, who asks for updates. Put white boards and so many pens in handy places, add post-its to every meeting table. Get comfortable (only be comfortable) with a summary of actions at the end of the session.

Skippy strategy: Take, make and share your actions.