September 23, 2023

Simple, solid


There’s always someone else.

In presentations – you might be talking to the woman with the all the authority they need or just enough to open the next door, they could be the ultimate decision maker or just one of the minor ones along the way, someone with all the game or who merely talks a good one … it doesn’t really matter who you’re talking to … there’s always someone else.

Someone you can’t get to, can’t charm, can’t ever see.

It’s the person they talk to when they leave the room. It’s the person they have to convince, using their own reasoning, after you’ve gone. And that might be a boss you’ll never get to, or it might be the person who looks back at them from the mirror.

That person needs a simple, solid, summary: this, and this, and this.

Your job: give it to them.

Skippy strategy: Make it simple.