September 24, 2023

The best chance


The don’t-hire risk … there’s work to be done no one to do it, you’ll miss deadlines or quality standards and make the ecosystem suffer. Someone else, who’s busy anyway, will squeeze the extra into their schedule and underperform on both responsibilities.

The do-hire risk … management time, under qualified, over qualified, bad fit, wrong values, unmotivated, passing through, yada yada.

So you hire as well as you can and, assuming you’re worth your title, give them the best chance you can. You induct and coach and buddy-up and monitor and evaluate and coach again, and support, support, support. 

A few days or weeks (but probably not months) later, you know.

The risks have played out – they’re either a keeper, yay!, or not.

If not … assuming you’re still worth your title … deal with it, reorganise, and start again.

Skippy strategy: When you know, you know. So deal with it.