December 5, 2018

Ever-so slightly evolved


In your office, with your head down, working on the things you’re working on, you’re in your own domain. The people you talk today are pretty much the people you talked to yesterday – they haven’t learned a great deal since then, and neither have you. You’re tackling every-so slightly evolved versions of the same problems you were tackling the last time the sun came and you’ll be on them again when it raises itself over the horizon again.

In other words – same ol’ same ol’.

To avoid stagnation and the inevitability of repetition, you need to get up out of that chair and take yourself into places you haven’t been before to have conversations you’ve never had either.

One place to do this is inside your head with the help of some good books.

The other place, out in the world.

Skippy strategy: Read more, meet new people, go to conferences.