May 2, 2021

Slow and good


When you’ve decided you need to do something it’s likely you want to get on and do it right away. If you stay on top of things this can lead to a very short to do list. Which is good. But, sometimes there’s a balance between fast and good.

Take hiring. You know you need to add to your team and start the hunt. You wouldn’t be looking if you didn’t need someone and sooner is better than later. And you meet someone who kinda-sorta fits – they have the experience – but you’re not sure about their fit. In fact, you’re pretty suspect.

Should you hire them despite your reservations because the work is suffering or keep on looking because the team is more important than the work?

It’s a calculus based on the merits of speed and quality.

Skippy strategy: Slow and good is better than fast and bad.