April 23, 2020

So collaborate


The thing is, you know what you know and you know how to do what you know how to do. You can learn from books and practice, and occasionally you might take a leap on your own, but most times, in most places, you’ll learn more grow more develop more when you collaborate.

So collaborate.

When working with your team, don’t tell them how to do things … work with them to discover the route. Stand around a whiteboard together, dig a hole shoulder to shoulder, develop a new language between you for how you’ll do the work, share the presentation duties, bring outside experts into the group, open your processes and open your mind.

Don’t say, Let me do that, say, How will we do that … and build on whatever happens next until is better than before, and better than you’d have done on your own.

Skippy strategy: We learn when we collaborate.