February 9, 2016

Squirming good


All of us – all of us – avoid the things we don’t want to deal with. That challenge our self image, that look behind our carefully constructed curtain, that poke at our published persona. We give ourselves an easy ride.

But it’s good to squirm sometimes. To be put on the spot by an acute observation. To confront a home truth, a challenging idea. To be made to wriggle at the very thought of it.

None of it’s comfortable. And that’s the point. Brought naked to the truth by someone asking questions that whip away our avoidance blanket.

It’s honesty is it’s value.

Oh. That’s how it feels. Not so bad. Nobody died. Okay then.

And now it’s out there, what will you do about it? Tuck it away, or take it on?

Skippy Strategy: Get used to looking in the mirror. Get help if you need it.