February 8, 2016

It might work


It won’t work. Too many pitfalls. Seventeen ways the thing could fail. They’d never let us do it how we want. They’d take advantage. You can’t trust companies like that. They’ll squeeze the life out of it. No one likes them. They’re not creative enough. They’ll make it complicated. Let’s not try.


It might work. We can work through the issues. They seem up for it. We need their kind of help. They could do the things we can’t do. We’d have to make sure it’s right for us. We could work as a team. The customer would have to agree. We’d each bring strengths. Let’s find out.

If there’s history, or it’s a strategic no, then it’s a no. The rest of the time, you’re left with pre-judging or working it out.

Pre-judging is easier. Working it out is smarter.

Skippy Strategy: When you genuinely can’t know, ignore the chatter and work it out for yourself.