June 22, 2022

Stand still


There’s always another thing. There’s always more email, more calls, more meetings. There is always a fire to extinguish or another project to light. Busy, busy. On, on, on.

Take a day to stop when you come to the end of the project.

When the product is launched, the new process is assimilated, when the journey, this journey, is over. Take that day. Maybe not an empty day, not a down-tools day, not a staring at the con-trails for hours day. But a day to gather your team and acknowledge all that happened – the trials, the blind alleys, the successes, the half-steps, the mini-wins, the uptimes and the down. Take a day to learn the lessons, to congratulate, to rake through the coals a little, to remember the breakthroughs, to thank the contributors, to stand on the hill and see how far you’ve come.

Skippy strategy: Stand still for a moment.