June 21, 2022

If not this, then that


It’s a lovely excuse, pointing at the barriers in your way. We couldn’t do it because of this and this and that, we didn’t have the tools, we couldn’t make the connections, we weren’t given permission. If it wasn’t for this one thing. Darn it!

And it might be true, but how about solving this and this and that, what about sourcing the tools, did you try seventeen ways to make the connections and then push on with the eighteenth, and what about that old trick of asking for forgiveness rather than permission.

If not this, then that.

There are always barriers. There are always people and things in the way.

Sure, they might be insurmountable. But the story and the process is more about what you did to overcome, and what you learned along the way. And where that led.

Skippy strategy: If at first … proceed anyway, see what happens.