June 20, 2022

On hold until, until …


There’s a temptation to, erm, fiddle. In small things like the nuances of design in your perfect slides, or the presentation of the monthly numbers and the org chart. In the big things, like the details in the specifications that have already been approved, or in the features to include or excluded in the next release.

It’s not that it’s a waste of time, although it is. It’s not that there are costs both hidden and overt, although there are. It’s that you create uncertainty in your team. Is this the decision? Can we act on this or should we wait for another iteration or three?

It’s that your reputation for fiddling means everyone waits until you’ve had your chance, even when it’s their work and should be their decision.

Everything is on hold until, until, until, ok, now.

Skippy strategy: When it’s done, move on and leave it done.