June 19, 2022

Not to convince


Not everyone is going to like what you do or how you do it. They’ll have other preferences, vested interests, alternative views. They’ll do their research and turn the other way. They’ll look elsewhere, they’ll trust people who trust other people.

And that’s ok.

Your job isn’t to convince everyone. It isn’t even to convince anyone.

Your job is to show them a way forward, a way they’ll find interesting, exciting, energising, enticing, a way that will take them to a place they already want to go (even if they don’t have the words yet), a way to a better version of themselves or their abilities.

The way to do that? Paint them an honest picture. Be open, direct. Show them what you have, tell them why you have it, tell them how you got there, let them decide.

Skippy strategy: What you do is not for everyone.