June 18, 2022

Thinking buddy


It’s in there somewhere. The plan. The idea you’ve been noodling on, a bunch of half thoughts and ideas you can almost see in the corner of your eye. It’s there, but it’s not there. You can kinda talk about it, but it comes to a stumbling halt or wanders on forever. Not the plan. Not a plan. Not even almost a plan. An idea for a plan. A need for a plan. An idea of an idea that’s not yet formed. Or informed. Enough.

In a safe space – just you and the whiteboard, the WordPress, the whites of the eyes team you trust. Write it down. Write the web page. Pin yourself into a corner. Argue it out in text, with stick drawings and lines connecting boxes.

Think it out by writing something down.

Skippy strategy: If you’re looking for a thinking buddy, a pen is your best friend.