June 17, 2022

Find out more


There are two kinds of questions.

The first kind seek answers to the questions you’re wrestling with – they’re genuine, open hearted, curious, inquisitive. They’re trying to cut through the noise, although sometimes they add to it – and we have to work out what it all means. They start with a desire for knowledge and travel by honest enquiry. I want to know more.

The second kind seek to cement an established position – they may sound genuine, like we’re trying to work something out, but they’re less curious and more confirmative. They’re trying to cut out alternatives and dismissive of potential distractions or noise. They start with a desire to be right and never to travel at all. Look, everything agrees with my thoughts.

Politicians, big and small p, play with type two. Advocates too.

One brings answers, the other builds contempt.

Skippy strategy: Ask questions to find out more.