June 16, 2022

Go out

Stram Palato

It’s easier to spend all your time in the office, on Zoom, buried in emails, fighting spreadsheets and contracts – all the day-to-day things that eat through time and leave you feeling empty without feeling progress. You’re using time, and probably plenty of it, but what are you gaining other than a feeling of being on a treadmill.

Go out. Go meet customers, go see your products and services in action, in the field. Go ask people how they use them and what’s troubling about them. Spend time watching and talking, asking questions and working shoulder to shoulder in collaboration with people other than the ones you pay. Take a swing at things yourself. Do the actual work for a day, maybe two.

Most important – get away from your desk about outside your bubble. Develop fresh perspective and then use it.

Skippy strategy: Go out, meet and speak with outside people.