June 15, 2022

A systemic fix


When things go wrong, you fix them. Maybe with a sticking plaster to begin with, but the smart money is on a systemic repair that means the same thing will not and can not happen again. Over time, there are fewer things to fix.

That’s the theory.

Reality says that sticking plasters do a pretty good job and maybe that’s all you need. This exact situation won’t come up again, and even if it does, it’s such a small thing that another little patch will keep things together anyway. But little things have two habits: sometimes they’re precursors of big things because a culture of letting little things go creates the conditions that allow the big thing in, and sometimes lots of little things come at once. Either way, sticking plasters may bit do the job.

Skippy strategy: Even the smallest things demand attention and probably a systemic fix.