June 14, 2022

An overarching theme


Boil it down. Boil it down some more. Now some more. At its very essence, what is this project about? What’s the theme?

Yep, you can argue that it’s about this and this and this, and it has to serve that master and that one and that one. You might even suggest that it’s not even about what it’s about, but it’s actually justified by these other benefits over here.

If that’s what you think, you get the project you think you need.

But boiled down, its destiny was to serve one idea – everything else is only that, everything else. Noise. Distractions. The committee.

A project can serve many masters, but only when the many are in concordance with the one. Every thing you include, every element, should serve the one theme – if it doesn’t, it’s for another project another time.

Skippy strategy: Simplify and accelerate, everything serving an overarching theme.