June 13, 2022

People who only say Yes


The benefit of making all the decisions is that all the decisions get made by you. No arguments. No second guessing and I told you so’s. No hanging around for anyone else. No strictly down the middle committee-decision non-decisions. And best of all, you get what you want – or at least, you have a decent chance of getting what you want, or more likely, a decent chance of getting the decision you want.

The problem with one person (even you) taking all the decisions (even the small ones) is that everyone else steps back. One, two, three paces. They get used to deferring. To waiting. To not really engaging in the process because, well, what’s the point?

And soon you’ll find yourself complaining that nobody takes any initiative around here.

Probably sooner, you’ll find yourself surrounded by people who only say Yes.

Skippy strategy: Teach (don’t show) your team to make good decisions.