June 12, 2022

Use a bin


Whilst we’re tidying up loose ends, let’s actually tidy up our desktop – real and virtual. All that junk sitting there, looking at you, annoying you, confusing you when you’re looking for something specific, getting in the way, distracting. All those loose papers and odd files with non-useful names, all the nicknacks, all the once-(maybe)-useful notes that make no sense, all the once-(maybe)-used files that should have been trashed after twenty seconds. In there somewhere is the file you asked someone else for last week. 

In there somewhere – something.

You don’t know what.

Thirty minutes, maybe this thirty minutes, maybe the one at the end of the day when you’re actually done-in done and would love something distracting and head-emptying to do. That thirty minutes.

Start top left, work towards bottom right. Use a bin.

Skippy strategy: Thirty minutes to clear your desk/desktop and you mind.