March 29, 2017

The budget

Lloyd Wright

In the thick of it, it’s easy to imagine that everyone will want what you’re working on.

And if, if, if, if, if … maybe they will.

Then come the difficult questions. Like price, and value, and competitor manoeuvring, and opportunity cost. Like every reason why a customer hesitates to pick up their signing-pen.

If you’ve done your thing right, you’ll have answers. Justifications and reasons why, other ways of thinking, positive responses to all the challenges and push-backs. It’s likely you’ll suggest creative connections that square the circle and help customers overcome their reservations. All good stuff.

Then, the final hurdle … the budget.

The budget doesn’t change just because the inventory does. No matter what glory you offer, if the budget can’t be found, if it just costs too much despite creative thinking, you’re blown.

The business case can’t ignore the budget.

Skippy strategy: Don’t rely on creating cash.