March 28, 2017

Make it real


You’re right. That idea, amazing. I’m convinced. What you just said … it’s got to be true. But before we, oh I don’t know, bet the farm on the .. umm … idea, do you have any … erm … you know … data … to back you up?

Three kinds of research make a difference. Taken in turn, each is used to back-up or disprove its predecessor:

– Desk – When you’ve nothing except a hunch, spend time with Google and the library. What can we know from sitting still? Published sources, competitors, gaps unfilled, people and money looking for new homes.

– Field – Watch from the corner. Ask unvarnished questions. What can we know from asking questions and from honest observation? Influencers, interest groups, live action, frustrations, joy.

– Real – Where it counts. What can we know from asking people to change? There’s a difference between asking what they like, and what they’ll pay for.

Skippy strategy: Make your research real.