April 4, 2019

The cracks


It’s always tempting to add some more. To take on more customers, grow the team, add new features,  build the inventory. More in means more out, right? Often times, no. More demands, more people, more development, more things to count and shift and manage means more complexity and the twin dangers of losing focus and running out of control. And when that happens, it even more tempting to keep adding more management, process, stuff, in the hope that all you have to do is reach critical mass.

When things are going brilliantly and you’re well within your ability to manage the people and things and money – more in means more out.

When you’re ragged at the edge, when even one piece of the jigsaw is failing to slot into place, adding more means picking at your weaknesses. 

And the cracks only become bigger.

Skippy strategy: Don’t default to adding more.